The Best Tourist Centers in Ireland

Ireland is a city that is rich in culture, blessed with wonderful and friendly people. The city has rugged but romantic landscapes. There are so many awesome places in Ireland that are suitable for tourists to visit. They are irresistible places that will surely catch the eyes of tourists. Tourists can enjoy so many outdoor activities also like horse riding, sailing, golf. The places of attraction for tourists in Ireland are unlimited and they all have their own unique features. Let us go through the journey of discovering some of the tourist attractions in Ireland together.


THE CLIFFS OF MOHER - The Best Tourist Centers in Ireland
The Moher cliffs are located in County Clare, Ireland. The name of this cliff was derived from a promontory fort called Mothar. These cliffs are one of the most popular destinations for tourism. They attract lots of tourists, making their annum visit about 1.5 million. In the 90’s, the Clare County Council made plans on how to enable visitors experience the cliff without any important amenity. In making this plan come to reality, they built the Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience. This project took 17 years before it could be completed. It was officially opened in February 2007. Some of the exhibits include media displays that explains the geology, history of the cliffs. 


THE BOOK OF KELLS AND TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN 600x360 - The Best Tourist Centers in Ireland
The Book of Kells, also known as the Book of Columba is a gospel book written in Latin. It contains the four gospels of the New Testament. Trinity College is the oldest university in Ireland. It was founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1952. When you step feet into the college, it feels as if the memories of the outside world have been forgotten because Trinity College feels like another world instantly. One of the treasures kept in Trinity College is The Book Of Kells. During the months of summer, many office workers go there to take their lunch to avoid the hustle outside for a while. Tourists also don’t fail to visit Trinity College to see one of its old treasures which is The Book Of Kells.


THE RING OF KERRY 600x360 - The Best Tourist Centers in Ireland
The Ring of Kerry is a beautiful tourist route located in County Kerry, Ireland. It is arguably one of the most beautiful routes for people to drive along. Lots of outdoor activities can occur in that beautiful area. Activities like golf, horse riding, walking, watersports on beaches, fishing, and so on. For tourists are who are always excited about historical things, they will find the Iron Age Forts, Ogham stones, Ancient Monasteries.


THE LITTLE MUSEUM OF DUBLIN 600x391 - The Best Tourist Centers in Ireland
The little museum of Dublin has just been added to the capital’s museums recently. Any tourist who is willing to learn about the recent development in the history of Dublin should make sure the little museum of Dublin is topping the list. The museum used to be a “meet and greet” center for visitors before it grew into what we know it as now. Among the permanent exhibits that are displayed at the little museum of Dublin are: The lectern used by John F. Kennedy during his visit to Ireland in 1963, and a U2 exhibition donated by members of the band. The Little Museum of Dublin celebrates Dublin with all its weirdness.


THE ROCK OF CASHEL 600x398 - The Best Tourist Centers in Ireland
The Rock Of Cashel is Ireland’s most visited site. It can also be called Cashel of the Kings. The rock of Cashel was built upon a limestone rock formation in the Golden Vale. Queen Elizabeth II visited the Rock of Cashel in 2011 during her visit to Ireland. This is to explain how much people love to visit this beautiful site. One of the tourist attractions at the Rock of Cashel is the audio-visual exhibitions.


Kinsale is a small town in Ireland but it is one of the best towns for tourists to visit. Because of its history and its beautiful coastal setting, it has been attracting a wide range of visitors for several years. In the year 1601, a military force was sent to Ireland by the Spanish and most of them arrived at Kinsale, leading to the defeat of Spanish forces by top English military power. People who love fishing, sailing, eating great food should give Kinsale a trial. One of the festivals that take place at Kinsale annually is Gourmet Festival. Lastly, your journey to Kinsale won’t be complete if you don’t visit Charles Fort.


St. Stephens Green is one of the nicest places to enjoy a picnic or to take some time off all the stress. It is a historic park and garden. It is also a public park and it is located in the city of Dublin. The park’s ground is rectangular and has wonderfully maintained gardens, a playground, a beautiful bridge etc. The park has lots of sculptural monuments that are linked to the Irish history. Playgrounds for the visually impaired can also be found there.