A Scammer Hit On My Wife

A couple of days ago my wife is on Twitter and she gets a creepy DM from some dude named Stephen Dwayne and he says how are you doing baby, do you need help financially so I log into my wife’s Twitter and I tell her that I will be taking over from here.

Surf shark VPN protects your identity online and saves eighty-three percent when you use my link below anyway, This Stephen guy sounds like a real charmer and I check out his Twitter bio and it says I was young in broke once why not share the wealth I have now.

Follow my instructions to automatically be entered into a draw college students and non-students well I’m not exactly a poor young college girl like he apparently is targeting, but I do like free money so I strike up a conversation with Stephen, and I say what kind of financial help?

Lol and he responds and he says where are you from and how old are you, baby? yikes, I say 24 Las Vegas lol he says I’m from California, but recently in Tokyo working in private hospital. baby I really wish you would stop saying, baby.

Yeah, can I know more about you baby?  have you ever had a sugar daddy before? I said no I haven’t. what do you want to know, haha this is how you flirt when you text by the way you just add haha after everything. but anyway, he said I’m here looking for a sugar baby who’s loving, caring sincere honest and understanding to take care and spoil rotten with allowances.

I said sounds good to me lol he said, we can start off your allowance with five hundred dollars twice in a week in two I’m going to be getting feet pictures from you every time feet pictures. what is he talking about he said send me feet pictures and you will get your allowance immediately.

when I receive it what kind of a freak gets turned on from pictures of feet but I figured, if I was gonna get my money. I better find him some pictures of feet so, I got on Instagram and I realized that there’s a hashtag called feet and I find some nice pictures of feet and I send it over and he says Wow.

Your feet are beautiful, you are getting your first $500 a weekly allowance today okay, I have much money to spoil you can make your account empty, and I will surely fund that for you.

This is making me very uncomfortable he said who do you bank with the baby so you can receive your allowance today. so I gave him the name of my credit union and he said he would be making a deposit to my account. but to continue the conversation he asked me for my cell phone number so we could continue the conversation over text, I guess you could say things looking pretty serious so I gave him my number and we start texting.

And he tells me that in order to make the deposit he needs my bank account username and password yeah that’s not how deposits work he probably just wants access to my account so he can drain it. so I started researching this Steven guy, and I do a reverse google image search for his profile picture and it looks like he’s ripped off the picture from a guy named Paul Andrew.

 Whitesides who seems to have a pretty decent following and loves to take selfies so many selfies dangit this is a scam. and I’m not gonna get my $500 but he tries to reassure me that I’ll get my money. if I hand over my bank account info by sending me a conversation that he had with another one in the sugar baby.

Yeah, I’m still not buying it so I give him a bogus username and a password to buy me some time while I think of a plan and he writes back and he says that the credentials aren’t working. and I’m like oh that’s because that’s the wrong Bank.

it’s this one so I sent him a link to another random bank but, it’s a redirect link that I created I grabbed a thigh link this will tell me his IP address if he clicks on it. and of course, he clicked on it showing me exactly where he is all this time.

I’ve been flirting with a Nigerian scammer but he’s not gonna quit until he gets his money, so he tells me to double-check my username and password. and that’s when I say okay can I ask a favor he says what is that baby? I said can you send me a picture of your feet?

when I’m back at the meeting okay, I want to make the deposit of your allowance before going for a meeting so send me the new login. I said but I want to see your feet first and they start saying that if I don’t get in my Bank info he’s not going to make the deposit today.

But I say I don’t need the money right now I want to see your feet and sure enough,, I get a picture of his feet, okay the first question I have is how did he get a picture.